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Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert
Original Title: Les compagnons de la Nouba
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1933
Director: William A. Seiter
Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Mae Busch, Dorothy Christy, Lucien Littlefield
Country: USA
Time: 1 saat 8 dakika Min

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Synopsis : Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert full movie on afdah, So that he and Stan can sneak away to Chicago and attend the annual Sons of the Desert lodge convention, Ollie pretends to be sick, and gets a doctor (who turns out to be a veterinarian) to prescribe a long ocean voyage to Hawaii. Decked out in leis and strumming ukeleles, they return home only to learn that the ship supposedly carrying them has sunk. Their hastily- contrived tale of ship-hiking their way back cuts no ice with their wives, who've been at the movies watching a newsreel of the lodge's convention parade, starring... guess who?