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Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks
Original Title: Un Noël de folie!
Genre: Comedy, Family
Year: 2004
Director: Joe Roth
Stars: Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd, M. Emmet Walsh, Elizabeth Franz, Erik Per
Country: USA
Time: 1 saat 39 dakika Min

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Synopsis : Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks full movie on afdah, As strange as it may sound, the Kranks, the award-winning couple for their cheerful Christmas spirit, have decided for the first time, to skip this year's annual festivities when their daughter, Blair, departs for Peru, after joining the Peace Corps. With the intention to save the staggering amount of $6,000-plus spent on previous year's holiday season, the Kranks are determined to invest the money on a sun-drenched, 10-day Caribbean cruise, much to their friends and neighbours chagrin. However, that is easier said than done, and before long, menacing phone calls and angry protests on the snow-covered pavements will betray that there is definitely no easy way out for the traitorous couple who has turned its back on Christmas. And then, unexpectedly, Blair and her new fiancé are coming home, unbeknownst to them that the empty family nest is far from ready for the event. Can the Kranks generate Christmas out of nothing in less than a few hours?