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Mr. Nanny

Mr. Nanny
Original Title: Monsieur Nounou
Year: 1993
Director: Michael Gottlieb
Stars: Afa Anoai, Ed Leslie, Butch Brickell, James Coffey, Dondi Dahlin, Dennis Deveaugh, Kelly
Country: USA
Time: 1 saat 24 dakika Min

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Synopsis : Mr. Nanny

Mr. Nanny full movie on afdah, A friend persuades the former wrestling star Sean to do a job as bodyguard for the two kids of top manager Frank Mason - someone is threatening him to get the plans for a secret micro chip. But when Sean arrives at his house it turns out that he'll not only have to bodyguard the spoiled brats, but also be their nanny, since they again scared away their former one. From then on he's occupied more protecting himself from the kids than them from the villain.