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Passion Lane

Passion Lane
Original Title: Şehvet Evi
Year: 2001
Director: Lucas Riley
Stars: Amy Lindsay, Richard Neil, Monique Parent, Mandy Fisher, Frank Harper, Gina Ryder, Joe
Country: USA
Time: 1 saat 36 dakika Min

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Synopsis : Passion Lane

Passion Lane full movie on afdah, Olivia and Harry are a playful, open-minded couple famous for their creative anything goes weekend parties. They invite six guests for the weekend, planning to play matchmaker for some of them and hoping to improve the relationship of one married couple. The party has a murder mystery theatre theme, with each guest required to role play a character whose personality is opposite of their own and hunt for the missing pages of the fictional murdered man's will. Shandra, a flamboyant author of erotic novels, Alex, her long-suffering assistant, Troy, a brash lawyer, and Janice, his timid assistant, all struggle to act out roles which are so opposite of their own personality, and they aren't hooking up as Olivia planned. On the other hand, the married couple Danny and Gwen really get into the role playing.