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You're Hired!

You're Hired!
Original Title: You're Hired!
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2021
Director: Daniel B. De Sangre
Stars: Isaiah Locust, Tristan Conner, Nelson Arrieta Jr., Corrinne Mica, Emily Hooks
Country: United States of America
Time: 0 Min

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Synopsis : You're Hired!

You're Hired! full movie on afdah, After the "mysterious" death of a colleague, the doldrums of office life at DanRick Designs are given a surprise resuscitation when Miles Fuller and Dylan Kirkpatrick discover they are the lead candidates for a promotion. The timing of the advancement opportunity couldn't be more ideal for the entry-level employees. The Tech Center where Miles' voluntarily teaches inner city teens is low on funds, and Dylan is desperate to purchase the home his deceased father built by hand, before his mother is manipulated by his weasel stepdad to put it on the market. The pay increase from the promotion could resolve their dilemmas, except only one of them can win the job.

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