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The Cure

The Cure
Genre: Short, Action
Year: 2020
Director: Ahmet Atalay
Stars: Mashood Alam, Ahmet Atalay, Glen Baggerly, Evangeline Crittenden, Euro Kostolansky, Aaron
Country: USA
Time: 37 dakika Min

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Synopsis : The Cure

The Cure full movie on afdah, In the future, a mysterious virus has taken over a big part of the globe's population.Upon contamination, it eliminates the host within a day. There is no irreversible cure, just a short-term product that resets every 24 hours.Special pressures mercenary Noah's young daughter is one of the infected. When an irreversible remedy is stolen from a top-secret laboratory by a mystical terrorist company, Noah is recruited to recover it and also ultimately conserve his child's life.What begins as an already unsafe objective develops into a deathtrap when the terrorists' bring fifteen armored vehicles full of a hundred trained killer armed to the teeth with attack rifles, grenades, and even a rocket launcher. In addition to this, the covert federal government company that employed Noah could additionally have hidden agendas for the remedy. Currently Noah needs to race against time to shield the something that can conserve his daughter's life as the chase turns into a harmony of ultraviolent activity; loaded with vehicular carnage, ...